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Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance, hometown of the « french Mowgli ».

Saint-Sernin sur Rance

Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance, a charming small town in South Aveyron at the border with Tarn departement, is famous because a young savage boy was captured there by hunters in 1800. Saint-Sernin, home town of the “Wolf Children “ , the « french Mowgli ».





The story of this 12-year old feral boy became very famous and was the subject of numerous books. In the film, L’enfant Sauvage, (The Wild Child), François Truffaut himself portrays a young doctor, Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard and his work with Victor, trying to teach him how to communicate. Despite the accepted view by the scientific community, Dr Itard wanted to prove the contrary, and show that the boy was neither an idiot nor incapable of learning appropriate human behaviour.