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CAUSSE GANTIER, Visit the gloves factory of Millau

At Millau, historically a Mecca for tanning and glove manufacture, the tanners have for centuries held the secret of fashioning the material so that the glove is like a second skin, on the hand.

Lamb, peccary, stag, python, ostrich : the most noble, supple and thin skins are rigorously selected to give the gloves an exceptional quality.

The Causse factory designed by the architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte  is a veritable symbol that of a craft which has become rare but which is nevertheless orientated towards the future. The continuation of story which has begun in 1892 by Paul Causse and his brothers and which form part of the epic of Millau’s great factories.



In the very heart of the town which in tun is the epicenter of glove making, where the bests gloves have been made for eleven centuries, one finds a place imbued with the presence of former master glove-makers. Causses gloves are still made according to state of art methods in a permanent quest for perfection and excellence.
A precious heritage which about thirty craftsmen and women try to live up in ordre to produce 25 000 pairs pairs each year.



Causse Gantier

5, Boulevard des Gantières
12100 Millau

Open from monday till saturday from 9.30 AM to 12.30
and from 2 PM to 7 PM

Phone : (33) 55 65 60 03 05

email :