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La Cavalerie

Located, in the heart of Larzac,it’s difficult no to find La Cavalerie ! The town is separated by the N9( National Road 9) and near the new A 75 highway which drive from Clermont-Ferrand to Montpellier,Béziers and then Spain.
By car, it is difficult to imagine that this big village hides a fortified enceinte and a medieval town partly built by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem and today well restored.

The square tower of the main door is adorned with machicolation. Go inside, and you will discover attractive houses of 15th century and a 18th church where the remains of the first templar church are preserved.

You have to leave the main road and drive in the little streets. Today, as yesterday, La Cavalerie was, due to it’s location, a stage on the road between Mediterranean ports and the rest of France.

First, the Templars built a village, well located in the centre of their land. Then the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, -who inherited their wealth after the slaughter of Templars by King Philippe le Bel- built the fortifications.

Inside the village, you can see big mediaeval mansions dating back from the 15th century and 17th, and a 18th century church where you can find the remains of the first templar church.